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The dignity of the Inmate

Saturday, March 13th from 09.00 am. to 12.30 am.


Hikma, in collaboration with the cultural association Extrema Ratio, presents the workshop “The dignity of the inmate”. 

Our initiative will focus on the socio-occupation reintegration of male and female inmates. After a brief introduction to a series of penitentiary systems that distinguished themselves for the attention reserved to the inmate, our workshop will try to analyze the controversial Italian penitentiary system, as defined by the rights theoretically protected by the Constitution, and their application in the real world. We will also explore the concept of “dignity” together with our special guest, the Social Cooperative, Lazzarelle. The Cooperative works with the Women's Prison of Pozzuoli (Naples), engaging in the socio-occupation reintegration of the inmates, a unique Italian project. Debating will represent the main part of our workshop over questions such as: “What is the role of the prison in our society? What is the line between an educational and punitive system?”

These are just a sample of the issues we will cover; the rest is for you to find out!

The prison reality is often hanging in the balance between a sense of justice and a need for the protection of human dignity: which side are you on? Let us hear your opinion, Fill out the form!

Asia: a land of contradictions 

Saturday, March 20th at 2.00 pm. 


In our next conference, Hikma will host Netusha Naidu and Francesca Rosati to discuss the colonial and cultural roots of the various discriminated ethnicities in Asia. Moving on from the effects that decolonization has left on Asian politics and societies, we will analyze Asian politics, referring to specific case studies of post-colonial legacies applied to the dynamics of political interactions, in the light of an evolving global order. 

How can we include the numerous discriminated minorities of many Asian countries in a historical-cultural framework? 

 At the end of the conference, all attendants will be able to approach analysis of the Asian landscape with more solid cognitive and interpretative tools. Fill out the form to receive the invitation link to the webinar!

In Words We Trust: Speeches that Shaped American Politics

Saturday, February 26th from 2.30 pm. to 05.00 pm.


“In Words We Trust: Speeches that Shaped American Politics” will allow you to study and debate about one of the most characteristic features of American politics: the Presidential Speeches. Thanks to Professor Lorenzo Pregliasco, founder of YouTrend, the Centro Studi Americani, and other special guests you will have the opportunity to analyze the historical, political, and religious relevance of some of the most iconic Presidential Speeches starting from the 20th century to this day. 

With the acquired skills and knowledge, you will then be able to analyze the text and speech structure of one of the most debated topics nowadays, but we don't want to spoil anything! Kennedy, Reagan, McCain, Obama… American politics pays special attention and thorough study to political communication. Did you know that more than half of an electoral campaign's overall budget is spent on communication? 

Why is a speech so important? What's behind its elaboration? These are the questions that rotate around the long tradition of rhetoric, which has very deep roots in the United States.

Are you curious to find an answer to these and many more questions? Do not miss this great opportunity, be the first to subscribe! 

The Big Tech Giants

Saturday, February 20th from 2.00 pm. to 3.30 pm.  

On Saturday 20th our conference on the hidden interweaving of the Big Techs will take place and you are invited! The relationship between the giants of the digital space and politics is increasingly close, yet ambiguous. Together with Stefano Epifani, Tommaso Valletti, and Nicola Bilotta, we will try to investigate their social, institutional, and environmental declinations to better understand the nuances of a world that is not always in black and white. Such a multifaceted theme has not only drawn the attention of economists and leaders but also of politicians, philosophers, and scholars. It has now become fundamental to reflect on the relationship between these fully-fledged monopolies and socio-political institutions, as well as on the impact of these giants on the increasingly urgent economic and environmental sustainability. This is why HIKMA wants you to join such a mind-opening experience, share your curiosity and critical opinions, and better understand where safe and sustainable technological development should start.

Sign up for the conference!

Russian security between nuclear and cyber: the two Allies of the Eurasian Giant

Friday and Saturday, February 12th and 13th


Hikma, together with the analysts of Osservatorio Russia, presents a workshop on analyzing Russian military strategy and the future of nuclear power and cyber warfare.

On the first day after a historical introduction about Russian military strategies, we will discuss Russia’s hybrid warfare, information, and cyber warfare, followed by a time for debate and exchange to look at Russia with neutral eyes, free from classic ideologies and typically European preconceptions.


The second day will be characterized by an explanation of the Russian nuclear strategy with a practical interactive analysis at the end. Participants will be divided into groups and analyze different scenarios particularly interesting for Russian security. Finally, the attendants will receive the opportunity of writing an analysis for Osservatorio Russia. The best proposal will not only be published on its website, but the winner will also collaborate directly with Osservatorio Russia! What are you waiting for? Aren't you curious to discover “big Russia", the giant feared by Europe?

The NATO and the new global challenges

January 24th 2021


HIKMA welcomes two exceptional guests within the framework of advocacy of Atlantic principles and collective security to discuss the role and the importance of NATO for security and international relations. In particular, we will analyze the main NATO scenarios of interventions with reference to specific geographical contexts, such as the Middle East and the Mediterranean. We will further debate its systemic rivalry with Russia and China, in light of the new NATO2020 agenda and its new strategies ranging from cybersecurity to the defense of airspace. 


Would you like to find out more about regional and international security? Do you want to get a clearer picture of the future of international cooperation? Do you wish to find answers to your questions on security challenges? Stay in touch/ follow our channels, send us your questions, and join our webinar to find out all about our super guests!

Journey to the Center of populism

Friday, January 22nd, 2021 from 2 pm to 5 pm


What does “populism” mean? How can we identify the advantages and disadvantages of populist rhetoric?  Today populism is an extremely popular topic in political debates, yet not everyone is able to easily recognize the main features that identify and link its exponents. That’s why HIKMA is offering a workshop fully dedicated to a comprehensive analysis of the 21st-century populist phenomena. In a brand-new collaboration with Team Populism from Brigham Young University -collaborators of The Guardian and specialized in populist studies - the workshop will discuss populist rhetoric and the different methods to uncover it in public speeches. Professor Bruno Castanho Silvia – Ph.D. student, a current researcher for the University of Cologne, and leader of Team Populism’s “Text Analysis” – will join us to present the history of populism, its main aspects, and the leaders who most embodied

its distinctive features. At the end of the workshop, not only you will have deepened the history and profiles of famous populist characters, but you will have also recognized current politicians who still use this type of rhetoric.


The geopolitcs

of energy

December, 5th

On Sunday December 5th we will welcome Fabrizio Maronta, Margherita Paolini e Massimo Nicolazzi in our webinar: “Geopolitica dell’energia”. Our aim is to offer an analytical discussion of the role of energy resources within States' interactions, as predeterminations and objectives of cooperation and competition. We would also like to debate potential scopes for future policies.

Starting from the economic and financial aspects of the vast world of energy, we will jointly analyze the role of the main Powers producing and exporting energy resources; we will try to understand the European position among the major global players and the characteristics of the new Green Deal. Before the final debate with our participants, we will examine Before starting debating with participants, we will examine the main environmental implications of the current energy production and immerse ourselves in the search for valid prospects for environmentally sustainable and economic energy renewal. 

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The “World café” with

Professor Rodolfo Lewanski

Hikma during Covid-19

Even from home, we want to continue to deepen themes such as international politics, take an interest in the world, and discuss and ask questions.

The FIREPLACE INTERVIEWS are designed for this: thanks to important experts and through simple questions, we try to retrace some thematic threads that respond to the curiosity and desire for in-depth analysis that characterizes our followers.

The “World café” with

Professor Rodolfo Lewanski

20th February 2020

Discuss, analyze, participate, and encourage. These are our event's keywords. The World Cafè is an innovative method to collect ideas and find solutions, in the common framework of an assembly where everyone is invited to participate. 

On the 20th of February 2020 in the city of Forlì, 40 students had the opportunity to discuss and debate current issues, with the precious help of Professor Rodolfo Lewanski at the World Cafè DeliberiAmo. 

World Cafè.jpeg

                Lucio Caracciolo

“Europe, a disputed land:

the role of the old continent in

the new world disorder”

5th December 2019

Trump, Xi, Putin, Erdogan …what about Europe?

Together with Lucio Caracciolo, founder, and director of Limes, the most important Italian geopolitical magazine, we analyzed today's global situation and the role that the European Union could, or should, have. 

Vincitore (1).png
Lucio Caracciolo, Stefano Bianchini - EuArtist Name
00:00 / 1:32:48

Michael Leigh & Gabriele Pastrello, “Inside Out: the Brexit conflict

between leave and remain "

12th November, 2019

Although it has happened four years ago, the debate over Brexit still inflames the political arena, both in and out of the UK. Which scenarios are now foreseeable? During an Anglo-Italian conference, two experts took stock of Brexit, a crucial event for the European Union.


Inside Out. The Brexit conference betweeArtist Name
00:00 / 1:38:00

AdPI 2019:

International Politics Academy

27th September 2019

An entire day of cultural exchange, knowledge, also emotions, and experiences. Our Academy proposed several conferences in the morning and in the afternoon: we talked about Europe and Africa, as well as world geopolitics and geoeconomics, but also about the democratic system in the twentieth century. 

However Hikma is much more: we organized a lunch both for the students and for our expert speakers, to share a moment of leisure and confrontation, and to give them the opportunity to discuss and give opinions in a positive atmosphere.  

WhatsApp Image 2020-02-29 at
Europa e Africa, rapporti complessi di dArtist Name
00:00 / 1:41:04
A che punto è la democrazia [27-09-19] (Artist Name
00:00 / 1:25:04
Le grandi potenze nello scenario internaArtist Name
00:00 / 1:31:25
Il_bipolarismo_geoeconomico_globale_e_leArtist Name
00:00 / 1:41:01

Stefano Ravagnan &

Stefano Bianchini,

“Central Asia in the international

theatre. A contested area

between Russia and Cina

May 13th, 2019 

Nowadays Cina is becoming a more and more central actor in the geopolitical theatre: but be careful not to underestimate the other actors on the stage. In fact, Putin’s Russia seems to be very determined in taking back whatever it has had.

L'Asia Centrale tra Russia e Cina [13-05Artist Name
00:00 / 1:22:02
EVENTI - Caracciolo
EVENTI - Brexit
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