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#HSIR 2022

The career day is Hikma's proposal to connect summit participants with professionals in the world of international relations. You will have the opportunity to meet guests with careers in different fields of political science behind them.  Don't miss the opportunity to ask them questions about their academic and career paths!




International Organizations and Cooperation

Valeria Mattiacci: Project manager for Progettoomondo, she deals with the prevention of human rights and migration conflicts.

Start-Up and Cv

Cving App:  A platform that connects companies and talents on the national and international job market.

Start-up Pack:A start-up community that aims to train aspiring entrepreneurs through mentoring sessions.

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European Union and
diplomatic career

Marco Alberti: Italian ambassador in Kazakistan.

Mariarosaria Coduti: Policy Officer to the European Commission. She deals with Data Policy and North Korea.

PhD and academic research

Marco Zoppi: Research fellow at the University of Bologna.

Cecilia Ducci: PhD student at the University of Bologna.

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