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The Department of Political and Social Sciences (SPS) of the Alma Mater Studiorum University of Bologna is the place where the Hikma Summit of International Relations (HSIR) project took shape and developed.

The constant discussion and dialogue with the Department's professors have been fundamental in steering the project in the right direction. In particular, Professor Stefano Bianchini, the Director of the Department Filippo Andreatta, Professor Sonia Lucarelli, Professor Michela Ceccorulli, Professor Antonio Fiori and many other professors in the department provided suggestions and indications without which the initial goals set out by the project would not have been achieved.

Of the numerous initiatives - conferences, workshops and webinars - professors from the University of Bologna have always been essential reference figures, often directly involved. As an example, we recall the Academy of International Politics (API): the conference day held on 27 September 2019 that involved 12 UniBo professors in the role of lecturers and 700 students as participants. In addition, after cancelling the first edition of the Summit in May 2020 due to the pandemic, several webinars were held and published on the Association's Instagram page.

These included the fight against climate change from an economic point of view with Professor Giorgio Giovanni Negroni, OPEC, crude oil and the price war with Professor Riccardo Rovelli, the migration issue between Greece,

Turkey and the European Union with Professor Michela Ceccorulli, the 2020 Referendum on cutting parliamentarians with Professor Salvatore Vassallo, rights, a state of emergency and immigration with Professor Marco Borraccetti, the history of football with Professor Riccardo Brizzi, and much more.

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