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The three pillars of the HSIR 2022




  • "Ethics of AI"

  • "Metaverse and geopolitics"

  • "Feminist AI"

From the rise of the metaverse to the evolution of new migration flows, there are several new elements that are affecting and changing our way of living, from the international level up to everyday life. Many questions arise from these changes as well as new bright opportunities. We will discover them together!

This is just the main framework of one the issue we will address with our outstanding speakers which will help us to understand how these elements, still mostly unknown, will shape our society.


  • Fight for your (h) earth: Ecocide as a new crime against humanity

  • Human rights and future international health challenges: a new pandemic treaty?

  • The Metaverse: the future or a threat to individual rights?


The second pillar shifts the focus on the future of global security, a multifaceted issue. Recent events highlighted the necessity of understanding how all the international actors will move in the near future in order to solve conflicts and prevent future escalations. However, this pillar is not restricted to conflicts and arms control but understanding the future of security requires also to pay attention to other aspects, such as human rights defense, climate crisis, and all the threats to life on our planet.

With the help of some experts, you will have to opportunity to engage in an inspiring debate and to analyze deeply all the facets of this mind-challenging issue.


  • "Cybersecurity and human rights"

  • "Futuro della relazione Cina-USA"

  • "Geopolitics of space"



  • Open source intelligence





  • "Role of China in Latin America and in the Caribbean"


  • "Digital silk road"

There are many challenges and opportunities arising from the world of economics. We will discuss the impact of new technologies on the global economy, the effects of the pandemic on lesser developed countries, the influence of economic powers, such as China, Africa, South America and much more.

Together with the other two pillars that we have introduced to you in the past few days, the third pillar represents the last element to complete our leaflet containing the instructions to understand the challenges we are experiencing and that are shaping our future.


  • At the head of the table: draw the EU future

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