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The fashion footprint. Unraveling the environmental impact of the clothing industry

With Giacomo Di Capua, Angelica De Vito, Massimiliano Mazzanti

8 apr 2024

The conference will focus on the fast fashion and a model of fast and low-cost clothing production and consumption that is generating growing concerns about its impacts on the environment and global economies. We analyse its roots consequences and possible solutions, addressing a globally significant issue. The conference offers a critical persective on the effectiveness of current policies, exploring possible changes needed to promote more sustainable practices. The goal is to stimulate constructive discussion and provide ideas for actions that can help reduce the environmental impact of fashion. 

With Giacomo Di Capua, Youth Delegate to the UN, researcher in climate health at TU Dublin, and master's student in sustainable development, resource geopolitics and arctic studies at SIOI; Angelica De Vito, diplomatic advisor on climate migration at UN and G7/G20 leader at Young Ambassadors; and Massimiliano Mazzanti, professor in Cultural Economics and Management at University of Bologna. 

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