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There are many challenges and opportunities arising from the world of economics. We will discuss the impact of new technologies on the global economy, the effects of the pandemic on lesser developed countries, the influence of economic powers, such as China, Africa, South America and much more.

Together with the other two pillars that we have introduced to you in the past few days, the third pillar represents the last element to complete our leaflet containing the instructions to understand the challenges we are experiencing and that are shaping our future.



  • "Role of China in Latin America and in the Caribbean"


  • "Digital silk road"


  • At the head of the table: draw the EU future

Inequality and education: the key for true development

In this conference, HIKMA intends to investigate the link between the economic and social situation of a country and the level of access to quality education guaranteed to the population.

With its contribution, we would like to understand what is meant when we talk about 'quality' education, what factors influence the level of education positively and negatively, and then ask how a state can intervene to guarantee this right to its citizens.

Convinced of the importance of education as a fundamental right, it is our interest to understand how access to a high standard of education influences both the socio-economic well-being of the individual citizen and the economic situation of the country. We want to offer our audience a deeper understanding of the role of education in the development of a country and the society in which we live. 

Michael Fisher


Michael Fisher is Education Director at Still I Rise. He graduated from the University College London's Institute of Education with an MA in Education & International Development. He currently resides in Brazil. Throughout his career, Mike has lived out his passion for leading learners and teachers. He has been an educator, a writer, a researcher and a manager of educators across Europe, Asia, Africa and South America. A running theme of his work has been the pursuit of providing quality education to marginalized communities. This allowed him to find a natural fit in Still I Rise when he joined it as Education Manager in July 2021. In his role now as Chief Schools Officer, Mike leads the teams of teachers, the school managers and the Child Protection and Safeguarding staff as the organization attempts to offer shelter, learning and hope to underprivileged children in different parts of the world.

Researcher in political philosophy at the Sant'Anna School of Advanced Studies. She also holds the position of expert consultant in "Ethics and human rights in artificial intelligence" at the Presidency of the Italian Council - Department for Digital Transformation and is also the scientific manager of the "Easy to tech" project at the COTEC foundation.


Unmasking Organized Crime: Empowering Youth to Break the Cycle

The conference explores the topic of the relationship between the younger generation and criminal organizations. First, we would like to provide a brief overview of the structure, operation and sources of profit of mafias in the Italian context and the links between the mafia and politics. Given the pervasive nature of the phenomenon on the international scene as well, the second point will be devoted to outlining the links that exist between criminal organizations in different countries. Then, we analyze the relationships between organized crime and young people, while maintaining a focus on italian panorama: investigating the impact of these organizations on young people and the roles they are assigned; narrating the condition of the children of mafiosi, sometimes victims of myth. This central phase will close with a request to prospect, the expectations for change that the authorities have, in relation to the influence of criminal organizations on young people.


Sergio Nazzaro

Italian writer, reporter and journalist, Sergio Nazzaro is an expert in Italian and international criminal organizations and migrations. He has collaborated with Repubblica, Sole 24 ore,, Wired and several publishers. He is particularly known for his works on the Nigerian mafia. He wrote  "Io, per fortuna c'ho la camorra" (2007), "Dubai Confidential" (2009), "MafiAfrica" (2010) and "Castel Volturno. Reportage sulla mafia africana" (2013). In 2013 he was awarded of “Testimone di Pace sezione informazione” price. He has been spokesman for the Chairman of the Anti-Mafia and Eco-Mafia Committees. 


Vincenzo Musacchio

Jurist, Forensic Criminologist and professor of criminal law, Vincenzo Musacchio is an associate to the RIACS - Rutgers Institute on Anti-Corruption Studies di Newark (USA) and a researcher for the Royal United Services Institute (London). He is founder and scientific director of the School of Legality "Don Peppe Diana", in Rome and Molise, and President of Osservatorio Antimafia in Molise. Analyst of organized crime and corruption, expert in transnational crime organizations, he’s considered one of the leading European experts of Albanian mafia. In 2022 he was awarded by Sergio Mattarella the title of Cavaliere Ordine al Merito of the Italian Republic.  

Competitive sustainability: an innovative business model 

The aim of the workshop is to analyse the concept of economic sustainability, not only from an environmental point of view, but also in its social sense, referring, to this end, to current criteria and current legislation.

The event will be structured as following:
The first day will be dedicated to an introduction on the topic of sustainability and the analysis
of the main challenges that companies face when deciding to invest in sustainable development in order to remain competitive on the international market. During the second day, the interactive part will take place, during which the involvement of the participants. Attendees will be divided into groups, each of which will represent an international company operating in a specific sector of the market and aspiring to build a sustainable business model. Each company will be asked to develop a business model that achieves an ideal compromise between sustainability and productivity. On the final day, the groups will present their business plans, which will be followed by a final discussion to provide feedback to the students on what they have achieved and to further enrich the experience of those present, providing them with reflections and analysis.

Gilberto Cavallina

Founder and administrator of, Gilberto Cavallina is a mentor for the Golinelli Foundation and digital advisor for various SMEs. He teaches “Excel, Presentazioni e Creatività” at the Bologna Business School. His areas of interest are innovation, entrepreneurship, business models and technology as decision support. In his spare time he is a writer as well.

Researcher in political philosophy at the Sant'Anna School of Advanced Studies. She also holds the position of expert consultant in "Ethics and human rights in artificial intelligence" at the Presidency of the Italian Council - Department for Digital Transformation and is also the scientific manager of the "Easy to tech" project at the COTEC foundation.



Federica Merenda

Filippo Dal Fiore is a social science researcher and business consultant. He was involved in technological innovation for 10 years, both as a researcher at MIT in Boston (Senseable City Lab) and as an entrepreneur through the management of an online spin-off project of the same institute. After returning to Italy, he broadened his career path towards the themes of corporate social responsibility and valuing people at work. As well as at the School of Economics, Management and Statistics, he teaches Professional Development and Smart Cities at the Bologna Business School and collaborates with Great Place To Work Institute.


China Communications

China Communication is an innovative startup that helps Italian Small and Medium Enterprises (SMEs) that aim to connect with the Chinese market. China Communication provides training courses in order that Italian enterprises become able to develop their own strategy for positioning into the Chinese market and deal with it. The team consists of people with different backgrounds: Lucia Gentili (Founder and CEO), Fabrizio Castellani (Co-Founder and IT), Giulia Malano (Content creator, SMM and translator), Martina Bressan (Sales Manager), Ivano Stella (Product Manager), Marco Manoni (Graphic Designer) and Fabia Parodi (Academy Manager).

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