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As founders, Francesco and Federico conceived Hikma from scratch and worked fervently to implement their project, plowing through still unexplored land, with the aim of tracing the best path for future generations of Hikma.

They structured the Association both internally and externally, creating a stable and permanent organizational framework to ensure a long-term vision for the project. Therefore, in addition to establishing the nature, structure and guidelines of the Association, they have built relationships with a plurality of entities, such as possible partners, sponsors and guests, working continuously since February 2019.

As coordinators of the academic year 2019/2020, Francesco and Federico managed and oriented the various teams towards a single and coherent direction: the realization of the Hikma Summit of International Relations, the main and essential initiative of the Association. Reference point of the Association and managers of the organizational system in every aspect, the two coordinators therefore have, in addition to a general management, an intervention capacity that extends within each team.



Co-founder | 28-11-1998

Federico Martelli

Bachelor's Degree in Diplomatic and International Sciences (3° year)

Efficiency, strategic skills and organizational skills accompany his aptitude for critical and self-critical thinking, capable of ranging inside and outside the box. Worthy of note is his predisposition to reflect on the long term, as well as on the short, a quality that makes him an excellent decision-maker. A determination, sometimes excessive, and a promptness in acting complete his description.

Francesco Nobili.jpeg

Co-founder  |  12-06-1998

Francesco Nobili

Bachelor's Degree in Diplomatic and International Sciences (3° year)

Unwavering optimism feeds his magnetic charismatic personality unable to surrender and make those with him surrender. All this can only be accompanied by exceptional communication skills and an iron determination that allow him to come up with alternative solutions during critical moments of stalemate. Durability, perseverance and tirelessness make him an excellent leader.



Squadra Ospiti

The team in question, directed by Celeste and followed by the coordinator Federico until the end of February 2020, is the reference point around which the Association revolves. 10 cultural initiatives, 5 of which have already been successfully held and 5 to be held in the near future represent a great milestone achieved by the entire associative system. Among the various initiatives, the "Academy of International Politics" stands out, with 12 speakers and more than 700 students taking part in the entire cycle of conferences. Specifically, the team took care of contacting extremely competent speakers and identifying the most interesting issues for the university community. Event after event in a rapid growth, the team has improved reaching its peak with the structuring of the first edition of the "Hikma Summit of International Relations", the first Festival entirely conceived and organized by university students of the Alma Mater Studiorum with first class guests order. Close to the Summit, this team was committed to welcoming the various guests day by day.


Guests' Team Responsible | 11-03-1999

Celeste Luciano

Bachelors' Degree in Diplomatic and International Sciences (2° year)

In a diligent and organized manner, Celeste faces challenges and unexpected events that stand in her way with methodical seriousness and dedication. The numerous "Fireplace Interviews" on the Association's Instagram page, which took place virtually during the isolation due to the Covid-19 emergency, are proof of her very high organizational and management skills.



Rebecca Pumilia

Bachelor's Degree in International Relations and Diplomatic Affairs (1° year)

Elisa Desiglioli.jpeg


Elisa Desiglioli

Master's Degree in International Politics and Markets (1° year)


Squadra Partnerships

The team led by Rocco accompanied by the coordinator Francesco until January 2020 proved to be a vital unit of the organizational structure. Specifically, it took care of finding partners willing to support the initiative, including Il Mulino, Serinar and Punto Europa in Forlì, and of obtaining several prestigious sponsorships, among which the one granted by the European Commission stands out. Interfacing with numerous associative, entrepreneurial and institutional realities, the team managed to reach the sum of 10,000, an essential quota for the realization of the Summit. In total, the team has collected the trust of private entities for an amount that exceeds 5,000 euros.

WhatsApp Image 2020-03-09 at

 Partnerships Team's Responsible | 09-06-1999

Rocco Losasso

Bachelor's Degree in Diplomatic International Sciences (2° year)

Rocco headed the sponsor research team starting from January 2019. He proved to be an important element for his calm intelligence, able to have proactive ideas and to implement them while taking care of the climate within the team so that it is positive and based on comparison. He certainly stands out for his balance between the creativity necessary to open up new paths and the methodical care in following them.

Salvatore Palma.jpeg


Salvatore Palma

Bachelor's Degree in Diplomatic International Sciences (1° year)



The Communication Team assiduously takes care of the Association's image during all occasions and events through virtual platforms, such as the website, the LinkedIn profile and the Instagram and Facebook pages and through more traditional methods, such as flyers, advertising through newspapers, etc. In particular, through the various weekly columns and the promotion of the various events of the Association, the team supports the community and attracts new audiences to the various initiatives.


Summit Responsible of Communication Team


Benedetta Camerini

Bachelor's Degree in Diplomatic and International Sciences (2°year)

Exceptional social and relational skills allow the girl to always keep the morale of the group high, guaranteeing an effective and harmonious working environment. Without imposing herself, she is perceived as a natural leader by the team by systematically giving an example of reasoned and hard work. To conclude the picture, her hidden perfectionism translates into a positive tendency to focus by always closely following each member of her team.

Martina Camellini.jpg

Responsible of Communication Team


Martina Camellini

Bachelor's Degree in Diplomatic and International Sciences (3°year)

She engages in the project with great passion, so much so that she dedicates herself to it several times during the day in order to search undeterred for a way to concretize the abstract ideas that emerge during the meeting. She does not limit herself exclusively to carrying out her tasks, but re-elaborates them, further enhancing them through her original creativity.

WhatsApp Image 2020-03-05 at


Laura Noah Pesavento

Bachelor's Degree in Diplomatic and International Sciences (1° year)

Carolina Curreli.jpeg


Carolina Curreli

Bachelor's Degree in Diplomatic and International Sciences (3°year)



Riccardo Carboni

Bachelor's Degree in Diplomatic and International Sciences (2°year)



Giulia Tagliani

Bachelor's Degree in Diplomatic and International Sciences (3°year)



Matilde Maroni

Bachelor's Degree in Diplomatic International Sciences (1° year)


Squadra Design

The Graphics and Design Team collaborates regularly with the Communication Team. His task is to take care of the graphic realization of the ideas developed in the meetings. All the posts on social networks, flyers, videos, logos, ... et cetera are their work.

Ali Jezzini.jpg

Principal Graphic| 18-10-1994

Ali Jezzini

Bachelor's Degree in Diplomatic and International Sciences (3°year)

Since the creation of the Association, Ali has always given invaluable support to the initiative, contributing with his tirelessness and lucidity in critical situations and with his graphic-creative skills during the moments of promotion of the initiatives.


Designer | 06-02-1999

Alessia Cinque

Bachelor's Degree in Graphic Design (2° year)

She designed and created the Hikma logo and the Hikma Summit of International Relations logo.


Squadra Operativa

From logistics to setting up spaces, from making contacts with university delegations to managing student flows during the Summit, from welcoming guests to organizing packages including accommodation and meals, from relations with hotels to that with various commercial actors to set up stands and food trucks, the tasks of the Operations Team are numerous and varied. The team is responsible for ensuring that all Summit background activities run quickly and efficiently. They also take care of planning and observing the purchase of merchandise and gadgets.

Gloria Bolzonello.jpeg

Team Leader | 07/26/1998

Gloria Bolzonello

Bachelor's Degree in Diplomatic and International Sciences (3°year)

Gloria has taken care of every logistical and bureaucratic aspect of our activities with precision. Particularly admirable are her seriousness, her punctuality and her ability to complete rigorous work without too many frills or grievances.

Andrea Sau.jpeg


Andrea Sau

Bachelor's Degree in Diplomatic International Sciences (1° year)



Ana Maria Brinzanu


Ufficio Stampa

Bachelor's Degree in Diplomatic and International Sciences (3°year)

The Association's Press Office is responsible for curating the Hikma newspaper, "The Hikma's Post". The articles published in the newspaper investigate both issues related to the initiatives organized by the Association and other issues ranging from International Relations to Geopolitics, from Sociology to the Environment, from International Politics to humanitarian issues. This team also concerns the relationship with the media, such as newspapers, magazines, social pages ..., or all the methods of promotion through external bodies. Finally, it is the essential task of the Press Office to plan and then hold in practice the interviews with the guests invited by the Association assisted by the Communication Team.


Press Office Responsible | 23-01-1998

Silvia Panini

Bachelor's Degree in Diplomatic and International Sciences (3°year)

Joining the project only in January 2020, Silvia immediately brought positive influences to the Association. Rich in ideas, she founded, managed and organized the Press Office very well in an extremely rapid, effective and decisive manner.

Copia di IMG_1054.jpg


Alice Carnevali

Bachelor's Degree in Diplomatic and International Sciences (3°year)

Copia di IMG_1025.jpg


Gabriele Oppi

Bachelor's Degree in Diplomatic and International Sciences (3°year)



Filippo Agostinelli

Bachelor's Degree in Diplomatic and International Sciences (1°year)


Squadra Contabilità

The Accounting Team is in charge of the management of the Association's expenses, from planning to reporting. Precisely this means planning the expenses of the events, proposing the budgets and making the estimated and final balances of all the expenses. The full transparency and traceability of the financial movements of Hikma, a non-profit organization, is the priority responsibility of this team. The team also reports all expenses to the various lenders following their directives.

Francesca Borciani.jpeg

Accounting Responsible | 27-04-1998

Francesca Borciani

Bachelor's Degree in Diplomatic and International Sciences (3°year)

In Hikma since the beginning, she has always believed and supported the project by dedicating time, attention and ideas to it. She manages Hikma's finances in a responsible, rigorous and detailed manner, guaranteeing, with her team, full transparency to the financial activities of the Association.

Beatrice Imperio.jpeg


Beatrice Imperio

Bachelor's Degree in Diplomatic and International Sciences (1°year)


Squadra Eventi

The Party Committee embodies the association's goliardic spirit. Mainly in charge of organizing the three evenings of the Summit, this team has distinguished itself for the organization of numerous playful events such as aperitifs, dinners with crime or galas, theme nights, as well as theater and film club nights. The role that this team plays within the association is very important because we strongly believe in the idea that every hard effort must be rewarded. Therefore we think that these events are not only a moment of leisure for the numerous members of Hikma, but also the right opportunity to feel rewarded for the great effort that is required of each, and without which the association would not be able to give such great results. It is therefore the aim of this team to ensure that these moments are exploited to the maximum to consolidate the cohesion between the 40 student-members of the Association by creating an ever deeper bond and team spirit. Lastly, the numerous events that the Social Events Team organizes are aimed at inviting students from Forlì to open up to our extra-university reality.

Francesca Marconi.jpeg

Responsible Organizer | 27-05-1998

Francesca Marconi

Bachelor's Degree in Diplomatic and International Sciences (3°year)

A great imagination accompanied by solid design skills allows Francesca to organize social events at a high playful level. The initiatives of this team are opportunities for serenity and genuine joy, but above all an important factor of bonding, cohesion and consolidation within the Hikma Team 2020 and between it and the external student community. Francesca represents an invaluable resource in this sense.

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