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Sunday 10th, May - from 9am to 1pm

Diplomacy and Negotiation: the art of making one's will count.

Resolving conflict usually appears to be an easy job for newspaper readers. Sometimes political leaders play the role of the hero, others are blamed for their selfish aspirations, their arch strategies, or their contradictory ideologies. But, are you sure it can all be boiled down to this?

Selected players will have the honor of welcoming Julien Théron, an expert in Conflict and International Security from Science Po Paris, who will play a special role in moderating the three-day activity. The workshop will include group brainstorming, bilateral and multilateral negotiations, and statements.

So, are you ready to step into the shoes of the diplomat? This workshop will be an exceptional opportunity to perceive how difficult it is to get agreement with other political actors, especially when different interests are at stake. You will have the opportunity to concretize your diplomatic, strategic and communication skills by working in small groups, representing a state or an unconventional political actor, trying to figure out how to solve the conflict in question. The winners will be rewarded with a book, thanks to the availability of the publisher Il Mulino, and a final certificate.

One last word: don't be afraid of the process. Get your hands dirty and experience the arduous task of getting everyone in the room to agree. Don't wait now, go submit your application through the following link:

Fighting for our planet: what are the next challenges ?

The impact of the climate crisis on our lives is increasingly evident. To fight it back, we must be aware of the new challenges posed by the environmental emergency. What scenarios await us in the future? The climate crisis will change our lifestyle, migration will continue to increase due to unsustainable living conditions and governments will face new challenges regarding national and international (in)security. The young will have to take action to react to climate change and reverse it.



Hikma is delighted to announce the opening of the selections for the “Fighting  for our planet: what are the next challenges?” workshop in collaboration with Centro Studi Internazionali.


Participants will receive materials to read beforehand and will have to work in teams to organise an awareness-raising campaign on a major challenge of the current environmental crisis. Moreover, participants will have the opportunity to write an article on the issues addressed after attending the three-day workshop (extra and not compulsory activity). The winner will have his/her article published on the Centro Studi Internazionali  website.



Are you interested in playing an active role and test yourself? Don’t wait now, go submit your application through the following link:

Women in Power: a troubled journey

Hikma presents a 3-days workshop focused on a fundamental topic for our future: female leadership. In a world in constant evolution, the female figure in politics and, more generally, in leadership roles, is still extremely under-represented.



In a period in which 99% of the new unemployed in Italy, following the pandemic crisis, are women, we will embark on a journey into the world of power, analyzing the link between leadership and that concept that is too deeply rooted in our society: gender inequality. Rooted but subtle, evident but hidden, gender inequality affects us all on a personal and professional level



There are those who, to get to the top, take the lift, and those who, in the best of cases, use the stairs because the lift is out of order for them: women. Together with guests of excellence, Hikma will offer the tools to spot the differences between political figures of different genders: how should a woman be in order to be socially recognized, and what does she need to be a leader, in a world in which the ticket to power is paid in testosterone?



Tell us your opinion, fill out the form!


Build your city of the future: a smart city made in Hikma

We like to think that the world is making huge technological and sustainable advances. Are you ready to see the world of the future?

Hikma, together with its experts, has decided to create a unique opportunity to debate what will be the cities we will live in. The points to be discussed are many, and our guests are ready to immerse you in a unique experience among topics such as digitalization, sustainability, privacy and cybersecurity.


Along with us will be guests with enviable careers. Dr. Antonello Vitale, from the Agenzia Informazioni Sicurezza Esterna (AISE) as well as President of Obsidium's Board of Directors; Dr. Paola Ghedini, CFO of Zorzi Foundation;, Lawyer Laura Cappello, President of Quadrans Foundation, expert in blockchain. We will address complex and interesting topics in order to give you the tools to be ready for the smart transition ahead.




Get ready for a debate on one of the most relevant issues of our century, register for the workshop "Build your city of the future: a smart city made in Hikma".

Cyber threat analysis: not if but when

Threats in the cyber world continue to grow in both number and complexity; institutions and companies often fail to adequately prevent them, with potentially disastrous consequences.

But, how do you analyze a cyber attack?


And what relevance can it have for institutions? Analyzing a cyber-attack is a complex process, requiring expertise from multiple fields and often made even more difficult by a lack of data. Analytica for intelligence and security studies analysts are among the experts who best know how to navigate the various facets of a cyber-attack. With us there will be 4 senior analysts of excellence: IT Risk & Advisory Cyber Security Senior manager Maurizio Spelta; Davide Maniscalco, lawyer and member of the special team; Francesca Caravita, Security Analyst in the Cyber Security team at Ernst & Young in Milan; the Head of Information and ICT Security Francesco Chiarello.

Don't miss the opportunity to become for three days the protagonist of your future in the workshop "Europe and Italy between fiscal rules and investments: the future of the country in your hands"!

Thanks to the presence of Professor Stefano Riela, collaborator of the think tank The Smart Institute and professor at Bocconi University and the University of Auckland, and EconomiaItalia, a group of economics scholars, you can really put your ideas into play, and create a young and future-oriented investment plan.

So what are you waiting for? Sign up to the form and don't miss the opportunity to live the Summit not only as a listener, but also as an actor!

Register for the workshop "Cyber Threat Analysis: not if but when", organized by Hikma in collaboration with Analytica and take the opportunity to see your analysis published!


G20 simulation

Everyone says the future is us, but when was the last time you took an active part in today's changes?



Hikma and United Network have decided to put the proposals of the future in your hands.


You'll step into the shoes of G20 member countries, and you'll have a chance to make your voice heard and shape your ideas.


If you don't want to stand idly by in the face of growing inequality, if you want to have a word on the ecological transition, and if you want to refine and equalize technological innovation, then you're ready to participate! We look forward to seeing you on May 14, 15 and 16, 2021 to take a leap forward into the future, hurry up and sign up.

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