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To resolve a conflict usually appears an easy job for those who read the newspapers. Sometimes political leaders play the role of the hero, some others they are charged for their arch strategies. But, are you sure anything can be reduced to it


Nowadays the impact of the climate crisis on our lives is increasingly evident and will be even more so if we do not change our lifestyle. Now as never before it is necessary to fight on the front lines to preserve our planet, being aware of the new challenges of the environmental crisis is therefore a first step to change the situation.


Are you interested in playing an active role in this crisis?


In a world in constant evolution, the female figure in politics and, more generally, in leadership roles, is still extremely under-represented.  We will embark on a journey into the world of power, analyzing link between leadership and that concept that is too deeply rooted in our society: gender inequality. Rooted but subtle, evident but hidden, gender inequality affects us all on a personal and professional level. How should a woman be in order to be socially recognized, and what does she need to be a leader, in a world in which the ticket to power is paid in testosterone?


We like to think that the world is making huge technological and sustainable advances. Are you ready to see the world of the future?

Hikma, together with its experts has decided to create a unique opportunity to debate what will be the cities we will live in. The points to be covered are many, and our guests are ready to immerse you in a unique experience among topics such as digitization, sustainability, privacy and cybersecurity.

Along with us will be guests with enviable careers. Dr. Antonello Vitale, from Agenzia Informazioni Sicurezza Esterna (AISE) as well as Chairman of Obsidium's Board of Directors; Dr. Paola Ghedini, CFO of Fondazione Zorzi;, Lawyer Laura Cappello, Founder of Cappello Law Firm specialized in Legal Engineering and Blockchain. We will address complex and interesting topics in order to give you the tools to be ready for the smart transition ahead.

Get ready for a debate on one of the most relevant issues of our century, sign up for the workshop "Build your city of the future: a smart city made in Hikma".

If you don't want to wait for others to decide for you, we look forward to seeing you on May 14-15-16 from 2:30 to 5 pm.


Threats in the cyber world continue to grow in both number and complexity; institutions and companies often fail to adequately prevent them, with potentially disastrous consequences. But, how do you analyze a cyber attack? And what relevance can it have for institutions? Analyzing a cyber-attack is a complex process, requiring expertise from multiple fields and often made even more difficult by a lack of data. Analytica for intelligence and security studies analysts are among the experts who best know how to navigate the various facets of a cyber-attack. With us there will be 4 senior analysts of excellence: IT Risk & Advisory Cyber Security Senior manager Maurizio Spelta; Davide Maniscalco, lawyer and member of the special team; Francesca Caravita, Security Analyst in the Cyber Security team at Ernst & Young in Milan; Information Security & Business Continuity Manager Francesco Chiarello. With them you will have the opportunity to write your paper on a proposed case study that will then be published directly on the Analytica website!


Sign up for the workshop "Cyber Threat Analysis: not if but when", organized by Hikma in collaboration with Analytica and take the opportunity to see your analysis published! May 14-15-16 from 14:30 to 17:00, save the date!

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Everyone says the future is us, but when was the last time you took an active part in today's changes?

Hikma and United Network have decided to put the proposals of the future in your hands. You'll step into the shoes of G20 member countries, and you'll have a chance to make your voice heard and shape your ideas. If you don't want to stand idly by in the face of growing inequality, if you want to have a word on the ecological transition, and if you want to refine and equalize technological innovation, then you're ready to participate!


The Covid-19 pandemic has turned our lives upside down, causing a health crisis unprecedented in contemporary history. But another crisis, the economic one, will make our country's recovery even more difficult. The debt incurred by our country will reach nearly 160% of GDP by the end of 2021, and it will be us young people who will be reckoned with in the future. How should the money that is supposed to boost our country's economy be spent?

The time has come to give a voice to us young people, to think of a future together, because we will be the protagonists of the Italy to come.

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