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Negotiation is ubiquitous within diplomatic relationships between states, in fact, it has vital importance in determining the future of populations and states.

This scientific discipline is considered as an art, and it is clear that to be a successful negotiator very specific abilities and skills are required.

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Rhetoric and Public Speaking

The aim of this workshop is to give the students the opportunity to improve their oratory and persuasive skills. In fact, we strongly believe that these abilities  are a pillar for those who are willing to pursue the political career or to take over a role for whom these communicative skills are a fundamental ingredient.   

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Simulation of the European Parliament 

This workshop will be a mean to make the students experience the different tasks of the Parliament and the specialized Commissions, while making them deal with the several documents and approaches of these different authorities.


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The students taking part in this workshop will have to draft and present their proposal to modify a Treaty. The participants will have to address the topic of “Cooperation within migration flows”, and they will be asked to think about these possible modifications not only in terms of political values, but also as effective and feasible solutions.

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New challenges in a global society

The aim of this event is to make our Hikma Summit of International Relations an event that goes further than international relations and diplomacy, In fact, with this workshop, we would like to create the optimal situation that allows the students interested in this specific field to get to know several working and practical opportunities.   


Sexuality and LGBTIQ+ rights

in the world

Sexuality and LGBTIQ+ rights are an increasingly frequent object of debate that manages to make its way into the national agendas of the various advanced democracies. Their secret is their inherent transnational nature. We will explore these issues with the Eduxo Association.

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