Who are we?

Hikma is a non-profit student organisation affiliated to the University of Bologna.


Born in May 2019 by a small group of students of International and Diplomatic Sciences, our Team now counts 40 members, linked by a strong passion, dedication and resourcefulness.

What do we do?

Created by students and aimed at students, Hikma organizes events related to geopolitics, economics, sociology, environment... anything that can provide us students with tools to better understand the world around us.


In addition to dealing with different disciplines, the events organized by Hikma take various forms: conferences, meet the speaker, workshops, debates.


The Intuition

Hikma was born to respond to a concrete necessity. It created a forum to allow the Alma Mater Studiorum students interested in Geopolitics and International Relations to dialogue with the major experts in the field. 


In February 2019, Francesco Nobili and Federico Martelli, after participating in the Warwick Economic Summit, understood they wanted to recreate the same experience in the Campus of Unibo In Forlì, in which they studied. The intuition of the two Hikma co-founders is to organise a festival focused on international relations, namely the Hikma Summit. 


The First Steps

Soon, the Hikma project was presented to the athenaeum and obtained its approbation. The newborn Hikma team, formed of just eight members, moved quickly to organise its first conference. On May 13 2019, the ambassador Stefano Ravagnan and professor Stefano Bianchini, the current teacher in charge of the Hikma project inside of Unibo, held a conference centred on the Asian continent - “L’Asia Centrale nello scacchiere internazionale”.


On September 27 2019, Hikma held its first big event: The Academy of International Politics, which involved more than 700 participating alumni. In the same month, after various requests, Hikma expanded and re-organised its internal structure. New members were welcomed and the association was divided into teams, each one of them having a coordinator.

Our Objective

Hikma was born with the primary aim of creating an annual festival of International Politics.

The first edition of the Hikma Summit of International Relations (HSIR) took place in September 2020.

We had the pleasure of hosting internationally renowned speakers such as Atifete Jahjaga, third President of Kosovo, Angela Kane, former Deputy Secretary General of the United Nations, former Judge of the International Court of Justice Bruno Simma, Romano Prodi, former Prime Minister of Italy and President of the European Commission, Enrico Letta, former italian Prime Minister .