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Women in Politics

The conference focuses on the topic of women in politics, analysing the personal experiences of two women engaged in such a career, on the hand an American woman and on the other a European woman.

Disinformazione sulle persone LGBTQIA+

HIKMA presenta il nuovo workshop "Disinformazione sulle persone LGBTQIA+" in collaborazione con Andrea D'Ambrosio e La Falla Cassero.

The fashion footprint. Unraveling the Environmental Impact of the Clothing Industry

The conferences focuses on fast fashion, a model of fast and low-cost clothing production and consumption that is generating growing concerns about impacts on the environment and global economies.
We analyse its roots, consequences and possible solutions, addressing a globally significant issue.
The conference offers a perspective on the effectiveness of current policies, exploring possible changes needed to promote more sustainable practices.

Political Speed Date

Quante volte hai risposto alla domanda "Cosa fai di bello nella vita?"
In collaborazione con IAPSS Italy e Orizzonti Politici.

Caucasus between the East and the West

Dive into the geopolitics of the Caucasus at out conference.

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